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Engineered with the best Technology to Assure Quality Sound

Look Great, Sounds Better

PC, iOS or Android? You Choose!

Compatible with PC,  iOS and Android Platforms


1. Pop-up design Windows (iPhone) makes it easy and convenient to use.

2. True wireless Bluetooth 5.0 provides powerful enhanced feature and anti-interference ability.

3. Auto- Power On / Off . Auto Pair-ring  (The headset could automatically power on and match the phone after

 picked up, eliminating the troublesome operation of manual startup and pairing.)

4. Can be use single or together connection

5. Voice could be heard on both sides of the headset, while only one side of Bluetooth 4.1/4.2 one could be heard.

6. 5.4 levels LED Indicator 

(Low power consumption, long battery life, 24-hours standby time is available after fully charged)

7. Fast Charging come with USB-C cable


Item Type: Bluetooth Earphone

Bluetooth Version: 5.0

Transmission Distance: 10m

Play Time: 2 hours

Talk Time: 2 hours

Output Power: 5mW

Channel: Stereo

Distortion: THD< 0.1%

Frequency Response: 20HZ-16kHz

SNR: = 95db (A-Weight)

Battery Capacity of Earphone: 28mAh

Battery Capacity of Charging Box: 350mAh

Charging Time of Earphone: 90 minutes

Charging Time of Charging Box: 1.5 hours


Content Included 

2 x Earphones

1 x Charging Case

1 x User Manual

1 x USB-C Cable

AirXDE Bluetooth Wireless EarPods 

with Proximity Ear Sensor

Touch Control Technology

Control Functions with the Swipe of a Finger